For the past ten years, LIVE UP has been the only media-led campaign on HIV/AIDS to reach across the entire Caribbean.

It has expanded from 30 to 112 broadcasters (television and radio) from 24 countries that we trained to create accurate and sensitive programming on HIV, Key Populations, Gender Violence, Human Trafficking and Stigma and Discrimination.

It is the region’s first coordinated media response that developed into a movement, training more than 2000 broadcasters, producing hundreds of Public Service Campaigns and other radio and TV magazine and feature programmes. The LIVE UP coordinated campaign has changed the Caribbean health promotion and media landscape and made a significant contribution to the HIV response in the region.

With this expansion, the LIVE UP partnership has now evolved into LIVE UP: The Caribbean Media Alliance (LIVE UP), Registered Charity #1282. The health and social justice issues being addressed by LIVE UP will continue to grow in keeping with the needs of our small developing nations of the Caribbean.

Love. Protect. Respect

The LIVE UP campaign's universal slogan: Love. Protect. Respect, now adds to its mandate all health and wellness promotion. The experience and success of the LIVE UP model is now being applied to other lifestyle diseases and important Caribbean social issues including, but not limited to:

Non-communicable Diseases
The Elderly
People with Disabilities
Climate Change
Women & Girls
The Environment

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