Our LIVE UP Campaign has become a regional movement and achieved one of the most important health and humanitarian goals ever established across our countries in the region.

Member broadcasters contribute by donating free airtime to messaging and programming, which fall under the "LIVE UP" banner. An estimate of their contributed annual airtime is US$25 Million. While broadcasters’ airtime is donated to LIVE UP materials, LIVE UP still requires funding to provide training and produce materials and campaigns. Any organisation contracting LIVE UP’s services will share in this pool of contributed airtime.

Love. Protect. Respect

The LIVE UP campaign's universal slogan: Love. Protect. Respect, now adds to its mandate all health and wellness promotion. The experience and success of the LIVE UP model is now being applied to other lifestyle diseases and important Caribbean social issues including, but not limited to:

Non-communicable Diseases
The Elderly
People with Disabilities
Climate Change
Women & Girls
The Environment

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